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  • Vaccination

    Immunization plays an important role and is an essential part in bringing up a baby. Every effort must be made to complete the recommended immunization schedule on time for the protection of the child against diseases. Parents should know why they are vaccinating the child and what is the difference between the various compulsory and optional vaccines.

  • Basic Care of the new born

    The child has been brought into this world by the parents and it becomes their prior and foremost responsibility and duty to see to it that the baby feels cherished, nurtured, is properly taken care of. Questions regarding the use of baby oils, creams, powders, diapers, crying, etc are discussed.

  • Growth monitoring

    Monitoring growth parameters is important during early childhood. The Length, Weight and Head circumference are the crucial growth indicators which need to be measured. These measurements are plotted in the form of the child’s growth chart, which is self explanatory to parents. The rising lines in the graph makes the parents feel proud of their child growing well within normal limits.

  • Developmental Screening

    Developmental screening ensures whether the child is fulfilling his/her crucial age related milestones and in turn serves as a preventive measure against any developmental delays. Early intervention leads to early prevention and in turn results into proper development of the child. Screening is done till 4 years of age.

  • Teething

    The clarifications of the various myths and misconceptions regarding the teething phase in infants and the actual reality associated with the eruption of teeth is the main aim. The caregivers are educated with regard to teething as a natural growing up process of the child.

  • Dressing up the baby

    The right type of clothes, the texture, the colour, the size and the material of the fabric all plays an important role in making the baby comfortable and happy. The baby’s happiness shines on the faces of the parents.

  • Types of toys

    The selection of the various toys not only serves as an important playing medium for the baby, but it means the beginning of the acquisition and co-ordination of different useful skills which form an important and integral part of the future development of the child.

  • Safety measures

    Accidents in the home cause more injuries to the preschooler than any other type. The efficacy of child rearing lies in the prevention of most of these mishaps, which can be done easily with a little forethought.

  • Feeding Tips

    The management of feeding pattern, the time, the baby’s need for feeding are some of the very sensitive and crucial issues for the new mothers, which are handled with proper guidance and empathy.

  • Diet counselling

    ‘Which’ foods to introduce and ‘when’ and’ why’ and ’how’ are some of the queries parents have regarding weaning. All the various questions which arise in the minds of the caregivers are satisfied and their quests answered.

We are dedicated towards our professions and the well being of our clients in general.

We see to it that all the queries they have in their minds, related to their children are resolved by us here on one common platform.


About our Team

  • Dr. Ravindra Pradhan
    Dr. Ravindra Pradhan completed his MD Pediatrics from Baroda Medical College in 1995, and has been in practice in Manjalpur since then. He has vast experience in general paediatrics and a special affinity towards neonatology.
  • Dr. Valay Jain
    Dr. Valay Jain has passed his Diploma in Pediatrics from B.J. Medical college, Ahmedabad in 2010. His special interest is in treating Pediatric infectious diseases.
  • Arti Manekar
    Arti Manekar completed her Masters in Clinical Psychology from M.S.U. Baroda in March 1993. She has done Holistic Stress Management and Self Development Programme. Completed the training of Development Assessment for Indian Infants (DASII) in the year 2010. Underwent training for APTITUDE TESTING for students of 10th till graduation. She has done her Post Graduate Diploma in Child and Adolescent Psychology from J.P.I.P, Pune in Feb 2012.

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